audaces fortuna juvat (caliah) wrote,
audaces fortuna juvat

We Gots The Religion

Dear Livejournal,

I am violently opposed to advertising from sites like and note that they are pushing religious points of view under the pretext of writing ads for categories like Internet & Media/Computers and Technology. I would respectfully ask that such ads be filtered from our sites. I have been a paid customer on and off but I am rather offended by their use of your advertising service to promote religious conservatism.

-Me, a concerned LJ user

Take careful note of the ads on the Livejournals you visit, people. These religious right-wing nuts are sneaky and virulently pervasive.

[1:22] Caliah Lyon: I changed my ad prefs to "pets, travel'
[1:22] Stephen Bentham: lmao
[1:23] Stephen Bentham: I should get you a gift subscription with no ads
[1:23] Caliah Lyon: and movies
[1:23] Caliah Lyon: pets travel movies, shopping
[1:23] Caliah Lyon: and mobile
[1:23] Stephen Bentham: well you use it a lot
[1:23] Stephen Bentham: lol
[1:23] Caliah Lyon: It seems to keep the religious rightwingers out
[1:23] Stephen Bentham: sob
[1:23] Stephen Bentham: what about pet conversion
[1:23] Caliah Lyon: I guess they don't like Fido
[1:23] Stephen Bentham: Your pet needs to be saved

The ad in question:|1448992181&gclid=CIXNn5vNxZECFSFaagodvxDy4A

Note, my apologies beforehand if my Livejournal is appearing again on the Fashion Planet feed when this change was not requested by me at all. I don't wish to discuss religion or politics in the feed, and I certainly didn't ask for Tao to add it again to Fashion Planet. However I think this issue of fundamentalist "stealth advertising" needs to be addressed so I am keeping this entry public, and emailing Tao to remove my personal blog.
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