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Your avatar in the metaverse, in the future

This link was posted to one of the designer groups I'm in, and there seems to be a lot of excitement over it these days:

Realxtend Features:
OGRE rendering
Particle effects
3D objects, lights and shadows
Responsive avatar controls
Web pages as textures
Desktop application sharing (VNC)
VOIP client and 3D audio rendering
Scriptable teleports between worlds
Second life compatibility mode for use in SL and Opensim worlds
Additive blending mode for objects and sprites
Improved quicktime video
Dynamic object grouping for rendering performance
Address field in client login screen to select world
MS SQL support for server performance
VOIP Server
Python scripting
Script controllable viewer HUD and UI
Script handlers for viewer mouse clicks and wheel
Scriptable events when avatar enters a trigger prim
Control avatar position and rotation from script
Sound support (preload and play)
3D mesh collisions
Web services integration to scripts
Server-wide inventory for world builder teams
Terrain texturing
Changeable skybox textures
UDP throttle start/min/max configuration
Support multiple media urls per region
New UI skin for the viewer

And to be launched on the 29th of February:
Free-form non-humanoid avatars
Global avatar mesh, skeleton, textures, attachments and animations
Single sign-on to multiple worlds for teleporting
Avatar generator
Avatar attachment tool to help set 3D meshes to different bones
Unlimited amount of attachments per bone
Teleports between realXtend and Secondlife
Avatar storage to move avatar appearance between realXtend grids/worlds
Mesh tool to scale and set pivot of 3d models
Server launcher and configuration application
Home automation example using X10 technology
Bot with Python scripting
Media library for world builders
Server status window

Their roadmapped features are exciting to read through as well.

A friend of mine who works in interoperability hazarded a guess that moving between grids will be seamless in around 4 years or so, but said that it'll be possible (but rough going) soon.
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